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artadata software provides arts organisations with a number of data services including:


Transformation of data extracted from external systems

Ticketing data provides arts companies with the most valuable transaction data to build customer profiles that include subscription and single night sales.

Unfortunately most ticketing data needs some work (often called scubbing or cleansing) before it can used. Once it is cleaned up then it may matched against existing data on your customers to build up very detailed Customer Profiles.

artadata software has been scrubbing and integrating ticketing data to build customer profiles from a variety of ticketing systems including TicketMaster, Ticketek, PASS, Select and Box for the past decade.


Extraction of data from your internal database based upon past customer relationships (ie. sales, donation and correspondence histories)

Customer Profiles may be used to assist in creating effective direct mail campaigns for your event marketing, fundraising and customer communication needs.>

artadata software extracts customer data from your database system based upon your campaign criteria and delivers it to you or your mailhouse to send to customers.

The data may be segmented so that different prospect groups get different letters (often called targeted marketing), and the letters may be personalised with any information that exists in your database (often called one-to-one marketing).


artadata software can also provide your telemarketers with detailed customer profiles to assist in the selling process.


Case Study

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra uses its database of Past Subscriptions, Single Night Sales and Requests for the Season Brochure to initially mail and then telemarket subscription prospects.

artadata software scrubs, matches and integrates single night and subscription data from Ticketmaster into the datamuse software during the year.

artadata software then extracts customer data from the datamuse system based upon specific criteria and delivers it to the mailhouse to enable brochures to be sent to prospects.

artadata software then prepares customer profiles, on call sheets, of the prospects including detailed information on all single night sales, past subscriptions and correspondence.

The Melbourne Symphony then calls segments of prospects (the most likely first) with the subscription selling proposition. This process currently yields about a 10% conversion of Single Ticket Buyers into Subscriptions. The Subscription retention rate also remains very high meaning the flow of recurrent revenue for the organisation has been maintained or increased since the use of this system.


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